Performance currencies

Buying a new car is the second-most important purchasing decision the average person makes, right after a house. It happens somewhat more frequently, even though how much “more” definitely varies by country: the average American moves 11 times in his/her lifetime but the average European a lot less, so buying a new car every eight/ten … More Performance currencies


ITA The grapevine became louder and louder, until it turned out it was right all along: in the 2022 Budget, Italy won’t have any electric cars incentives. Media are finger-pointing Minister Giorgetti as the culprit, and they may be right. I have ALWAYS been opposed to any form of incentive: theoretically the are A Good … More Divorce?

The relationship between nuclear fusion and hydrogen

Q: “Gianni, why are you so suspicious about this and other announcements about how significant breakthroughs are imminent on the 70-years long quest for nuclear fusion? Isn’t fusion A.Good.Thing. ?” An imaginary question an imaginary journalist could ask A: “Well fusion WOULD certainly be a good thing for humanity, and I am convinced that we’ll … More The relationship between nuclear fusion and hydrogen

The cost of hydrogen

ITA My LinkedIn stream pops up an infographic developed by the California Fuel Cell Partnership, where various types of hydrogen filling stations are compared, stating data I had been looking for for some time. Here it is: The infographic distinguishes between two cases: hydrogen is produced locally (the true-true green hydrogen) or elsewhere and then … More The cost of hydrogen

Scrooge’s children

Exxon loses two (maybe three) board seats to activist hedge fund (May 27th) Shell ordered to deepen carbon cuts (May 26th) Investors chide Toyota’s Toyoda for questioning combustion car ban (May 10th) See the pattern? The force to be reckoned with in the current phase of the Climate battle is not increased regulation, or legislative … More Scrooge’s children

Wasteful hydrogen

ITA Imagine you have 100 kWh of fully renewable electric energy. What is the best way to use it to displace yourself? Electrolyse water to produce hydrogen. With this amount of energy you can generate about 1,81 kg of hydrogen which, in a fuel cell car will allow you to drive about 178 km Use … More Wasteful hydrogen

Myths and reality of #Carbon_offsets

ITA Three interesting articles caught my attention this month: Big Oil’s Net-Zero Plans Show the Hard Limits of Carbon Offsets (Bloomberg, march 1, 2021) Bank of Italy warns us of risks associated to greenwashing [ITA only] (Banca d’Italia paper n° 608 – Banche centrali, rischi climatici e finanza sostenibile, march 2021) Russia Wants to Use … More Myths and reality of #Carbon_offsets