The social cost of the internal combustion engine

ITA This week newspapers were full of commentary to a table created by ACEA (the European association of automobile manufacturers) reminding the world of how the Automotive sectors represents for Governments the source of a staggering €440B in fiscal revenues. a not-so-subtle prod to “Remember who pays the bills!” and the tone of the articles … More The social cost of the internal combustion engine

Designing an effective charging infrastructure.

ITA During a recent event on electric mobility charging infrastructure one of the speakers, Manuel Fernandes (President Tritium Europe) demonstrated that for a given investment a Fast DC charging infrastructure (the faster, the better says the caption) serves more clients than one based on AC, showing this infographic: I agree in very general terms with … More Designing an effective charging infrastructure.

Making EVs profitable

I read today an article on McKinsey’s automotive blog which made me raise my eyebrows: in extreme synthesis it says that making an EV is much more expensive than making a same category ICE car. The conclusion I agree with, but I have doubts about the cost breakdown (in McK’s parlance “cost walk”) which is … More Making EVs profitable

An EV taxonomy

Since there are numerous configurations of electric vehicles (EV) we thought of arranging the various types in a single infographic: .(please note these are simple block diagrams) Click here to download a higher-resolution PDF BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) – in this configuration, electric energy enters the vehicle as alternate current (going through an AC/DC converter) … More An EV taxonomy