The relationship between nuclear fusion and hydrogen

Q: “Gianni, why are you so suspicious about this and other announcements about how significant breakthroughs are imminent on the 70-years long quest for nuclear fusion? Isn’t fusion A.Good.Thing. ?”

An imaginary question an imaginary journalist could ask

A: “Well fusion WOULD certainly be a good thing for humanity, and I am convinced that we’ll get there eventually, because I like Big Science and the dream of nearly unlimited and free, non polluting energy is simply to good not to subscribe to it.

But I am also fascinated by Space Travel, and Superluminal Propulsion, just to put things in context.

Left Side vs. Right Side of the Brain | Different Functions of the Brain |

But this the right side of my brain speaking. The left side sees the O&G industry hell-bent in avoiding obsolescence, and thinks:

  1. once you have almost-unlimited, almost-free energy, you must store it
  2. where to store it? well, make hydrogen, which will double up as fuel
  3. therefore we should develop cars and infrastructure around the hydrogen vector: protons, not electrons is the way to go!
  4. while we wait for fusion, we can use Blue hydrogen
  5. while we wait for CCUS to become technically and economically viable, we can use Grey
  6. let’s pull out more methane !

Number three above represents a very interesting clue: even Fusion advocates think that we will have the time to develop the infrastructure (an endeavour whose magnitude most people do not realise: almost 5 million filling stations worldwide would be needed! ) BEFORE we see Fusion…


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