Hydrogen’s disadvantage


[Edit 2/3/2021: there is an updated version of this post here]

No point in getting emotional: the arguments in favour of hydrogen in cars are weak to say the least, but they resonate with people carrying enormous interests and so it’s not very likely we will see it wane from our radar screens.

Paul Martin explains very well in this article on CleanTechnica why the idea to go from brown to blue and then to green hydrogen does not make any sense at all; it is useful, however, as it allows proton-heads to overcome objections based on the simple fact that industrially viable Carbon Capture technology to yield blue hydrogen do not yet exists today, or about the preposterous cost of green hydrogen produced through electrolysis..

As far as I am concerned, I do not want to call “hopium” (as Martin does) those theses, but I’d like to offer you new version of the infographic comparing the proton (i.e. hydrogen’s) cycle and the electron cycle (i.e. batteries).

The main point of this chart (ignoring for a moment the individual numbers) is that the beginning and end of both cycles are identical: the main difference is that the proton cycle loses much more energy along the way that the electron cycle.

Repeat after me:

The greenest energy is the one we stop wasting!


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