Wasteful hydrogen


Imagine you have 100 kWh of fully renewable electric energy. What is the best way to use it to displace yourself?

  1. Electrolyse water to produce hydrogen. With this amount of energy you can generate about 1,81 kg of hydrogen which, in a fuel cell car will allow you to drive about 178 km
  2. Use it to charge a BEV: taking the various losses (DC/AC, charging, discharging, DC/AC etcetera) into account, you will be able to use about 73 of these, allowing you to drive a little more than 400 km.

Mercifully we have NOT taken into account the fact that, after producing it, hydrogen must be transported to the service station, nor we have accounted for the cost.

How could anyone honestly believe this is a good idea I will never understand…


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